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The House That Cranshaw Built:  Bob Cranshaw, the 1960s, Blue Note Records, and Being a Part of Something Great

The complete article and transcriptions being presented at The International Society of Bassist Conference 2017. Click here!

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Featured Article, Online Journal of Bass Research

My work is being featured in the latest issue of the Online Journal of Bass Research with an article entitled "Revolution in Action: A Motivic Analysis of "Ghosts" as performed by Gary Peacock".  Check it out here: 

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International Society of Bassist's 2017 Conference

I will be at this year's ISB conference in Ithaca NY on Wednesday June 7 at 9:00am giving a presentation on the discography of Bob Cranshaw.  This will feature numerous transcriptions and analysis of his work from the 1960s.  Hope to see you ...

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Jul 25, 2017
Brooklyn, NY
Jim Piela Chordless Quartet - Live at Halyards
Jul 20, 2017
Brooklyn, NY
Shapeshifter Lab with Joh Yao-17 Large Ensemble
Jun 30, 2017
Delaware Water Gap, PA
The Deer Head Inn with Jay Rattman, saxophones, clarinet; Bill Warfield, trumpet; Sam Burtis, trombone; Spencer Reed, guitar; Brenda Earle Stokes, piano, vocals; Sherrie Maricle, drums
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Augmented Chords and Harmonic Minor in Davy Mooney's "Wrinkles"

Augmented Chords and Harmonic Minor in Davy Mooney's "Wrinkles"

Jul 20 , 2015 | Posted by: Robert Sabin | 0 Comments

While playing through a tune for an upcoming tour (“Wrinkles” by guitarist Davy Mooney) I was really taken by a particular sequence of harmonies centering on a Gbma7#5 chord.  This ...

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