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Featured Article, Online Journal of Bass Research

My work is being featured in the latest issue of the Online Journal of Bass Research with an article entitled "Revolution in Action: A Motivic Analysis of "Ghosts" as performed by Gary Peacock".  Check it out here: 

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International Society of Bassist's 2017 Conference

I will be at this year's ISB conference in Ithaca NY on Wednesday June 7 at 9:00am giving a presentation on the discography of Bob Cranshaw.  This will feature numerous transcriptions and analysis of his work from the 1960s.  Hope to see you ...

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ISME 2016 Presentation and Support Materials

Complete support materials for the 2016 International Society for Music Education presentation:

"How to Make it Groove: Rhythmic Embodiment and ...

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Clinic @ The International Society of Music Educators Conference Glasgow

Click here for the complete support materials for the clinic I will be presenting at the 2016 The International Society of Music Educators Conference in Glasgow entitled "How ...

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Review on the Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog

A great review by

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CD Release Show Tuesday August 18th

This Tuesday August 18th will be the official CD release show for the new album "Humanity Part II" taking place at the Greenwich Music House as part of the brand new Sundworks New Music Series.  The hall is located at 46 Barrow Street New York, ...

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