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Review on the Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog

A great review by

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CD Release Show Tuesday August 18th

This Tuesday August 18th will be the official CD release show for the new album "Humanity Part II" taking place at the Greenwich Music House as part of the brand new Sundworks New Music Series.  The hall is located at 46 Barrow Street New York, ...

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Review in the New York City Jazz Record

I'd like to thank Donald Elfman for the nice review of the album in the latest New York City Jazz Record, page 27. I'm glad he emphasized the invaluable contributions of John Yao ...

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Interview tonight on WUOT 7pm Eastern
selections from the new record. You can listen live through
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Review @ Bird is the Worm

A very nice review over at Bird is the Worm as a part of the "This is Jazz Today" Column.  Click here.


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"****" Review at All About Jazz

A very thoughtful and insightful review by the great Troy Collins over at All About Jazz for the new album.  Check it out ...

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The Influence of Horror on Modern Music by Robert Sabin

An article I wrote for BurningAmbulance.com is out today entitled "The Influence of Horror on Modern Music" along with a nice preview of the new album. It's amazing to see a site that integrates so many different kinds of work into a single ...

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Review @ Midwest Jazz Record

Reviews for the new record have begun to come in, check out the write up at http://www.midwestrecord.com/MWR975.html   "...the good doctor's fevered brain makes tunes that might not be for everyone..."

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